Sending goods to us:

You can bring items for repair into us only if you have called in advance. Otherwise please send by carrier. A detailed description of the fault and a return address are essential.

Providing any spare parts required are in stock and the fault is not periodic, repairs are normally completed within one week.

If the repair is under guarantee, we recommend checking under the NBS product tab to ensure all the correct documentation is provided.


Non-guarantee repairs:

All repairs and service performed on Sony, Panasonic and JVC products that are not covered by guarantee must be paid for. In such instances, NBS will compile a quote showing details of the repair necessary. If the quote is not accepted, the equipment will be returned fully assembled and our time spent analysing it will be invoiced as follows:

1½ hours for professional broadcast equipment
1 hour for semi-professional products
½ hour for consumer products.


A quote is normally valid for 4 weeks unless otherwise agreed. If we hear nothing within that period, it will be considered as not accepted, the equipment will be returned and an invoice issued for our time.

Insurance claim repairs: priced by the hour.


Liability and insurance:

NBS becomes liable for handling and storing the equipment once a receipt is confirmed and until it is despatched return to the customer.

Equipment being sent return will be specially packed for transport. If damage occurs during transport, a claim should be made immediately upon receipt against the carrier.

Items accompanying equipment for repair are usually covered by the owner’s contents insurance.


NBS cannot be held liable for loss or damage occurring during the transportation of equipment, nor for loss arising from delays in transport.