Repairs under c: (Supplier guarantee)

When a fault is confirmed by our technicians on an item under guarantee, the cause of the fault determines whether repairs are covered by the guarantee.

Please note that the way repairs under guarantee are handled at NBS’ workshop can differ between Sony, Panasonic and JVC. Please check under the respective manufacturer’s tabs.


Guarantee for repairs: (NBS guarantee)

A guarantee for repairs is defined as only covering any faults repaired and spare parts replaced as a result. Should new faults or damage occur subsequently, they are not covered by the guarantee for repairs.


Sending items to us for repair under guarantee:

You can bring items for repair into us only if you have called in advance. Otherwise please send by carrier. A detailed description of the fault and a return address are essential.

Providing any spare parts required are in stock and the fault is not periodic, repairs are normally completed within one week.

We recommend checking under the NBS side tab for your product to ensure the correct process for the documentation required under the guarantee.